ZBYCH-POL & MOBET Sp. z o.o.

has been implementing a project subsidised from the European funds, entitled “Implementation of the Results of R&D Works at Zbych-Pol & Mobet Sp. z o.o.”

The objective of the project is the implementation by Zbych-Pol & Mobet Sp z o.o. of the results of R&D works performed independently by the company and by the Institute of Innovation and Technology of the Białystok University of Technology to the order of the company.

The effect of the project
will be the commencement of production of new precast concrete elements with the use of an innovative mix – an anionic bituminous emulsion (bridge spans, roof slabs – trusswork, TT flooring slabs, composite walls of architectural concrete), and an innovative solution in the form of a concrete corner.

EU subsidy for the project: PLN 5,552,730.00
Total value of the project: PLN 12,339,400.00